Live Local Athens is exactly what it sounds like. We are a niche website that focuses on the positive things related to Athens, Watkinsville, and the surrounding areas. Unlike many other sites, this particular site is more than a revenue stream for it’s parent organization…it is a work of passion.


Why you should consider advertising with us?

This site is owned and operated by local business owner, Danielle Grier. Danielle owns Grier & Co which is a local real estate company.


The ways in which we promote your business on our site.

Unlike many other sites that promote local businesses, we don’t saturate our site with banner ads. As a matter of fact, we will have NO BANNER ads on Our experiences and statistics show that a very low percentage of web users actually click banner ads anyway.

Our advertisers will be presented to our users in a way that makes your business more attractive to potential consumers. Through logo promotion, written content, and/or embedded youtube or vimeo videos, our advertisers will be presented as a resource in their particular niches. Your logo will be linked to your website, and your video will include a link that takes potential customers directly to your video platform account or website.

For the cost of what most resource sites charge for a single month’s worth of ads, we are offering a chance to have your business listed on our site for life.

That’s right, for as little as a $199 one time fee, you can promote your business on our website for as long as it’s in operation (which will be a minimum of 5 years guaranteed). There is no better advertising deal in the world.

This Offer is limited to only a small group of advertisers, so get your AD NOW!

Why would you do that? Great question. We realize that there are a lot of options competing for your advertising dollars. We also know that there are a few other local resource websites that make promises but fail to deliver a return on your investment. We chose our initial pricing promotion to create a win/win situation for all involved. In most cases, you’ll have a return on your investment if only one or two clients find your business through our website and make a purchase. Obviously, that’s a great way to begin a long term relationship and we definitely want this to be a win/win for you and us.

How it helps us? The more clients we have in the initial stages of our new site, the quicker that becomes the most reliable resource for all things Athens and surrounding areas. This, in turn, allows us to diversify our ad offerings, offer branded merchandise, and grow as an organization.

The Two Types of Lifetime Ad Spots:

Logo/Text Adverts

We’ll place a high resolution copy of your business logo on our site with a brief description of your business along with the contact info. Within the logo, we will also embed a link back to your website for potential clients to learn more about what your business offers.

Video Adverts

Do you have an existing youtube, vimeo or other video that promotes your business online? We’ll embed it right into our website. Don’t have one, but would like to have one? We can shoot a basic info video for you at your business location. (Includes content assistance, filming, editing and uploading of basic video).

*cost is per location. Ask about reduced cost to add more locations.